Claudia…Horses are loving RedCal, but…

I have two horses and have put both on the free choice Red Cal.  

Since May I have purchased 4 bags of Red-Cal and we are almost out again.  Will they ever slow it down?  I figure I am getting a third of what you say a bag should last.

I am very pleased with the product but maybe I should switch to High Mag?  

They tend to be easy keepers.

If they are eating it they need it. 🙂

Some horses take longer than others to get balanced.

Only if they are overweight perhaps even with cresty necks, fat pongs etc. would I then switch to the hi mag formula of Red Cal.

Hang in there. They will "balance out".

Are they on the entire feeding program? See and listen to the info/audio below. I highly suggest it. These commercial feeds are terrible!

Thanks For Asking Claudia
What To Feed Your Horse?



thanks, for the reply, they love the red cal.  It tickles me to watch them eat it. 
They are not on the entire feeding program.  I was trying to figure the cost.  How much do you estimate the cost to be on it per horse?  Red cal, just add oats, oats, h2oil?

The JAO and the oil (I really like the weight Check better than the H2oil by the way) each run about 50 cents per day per horse in the larger sizes. It is awesome. Thanks!

Claudia asked…hat kind of oil is Weight Check and I feed them both 2 oz. one times a day?  one 750lbs, other is 1500lbs.

Crude unrefined soy bean oil like in H2oil but GMO free. It is just giving better results overall.





  1. Shelley

    I am an the same boat as you, 2 horses and they are eating the Red Cal right up. I did just start with the Red Cal, but have since incorporated the Just Add Oats the H2oil.

    I find since feeding all 3, they have slowed done. I am going through a bag of Red Cal, a 2 month supply of Just Add Oats (both horses are on it), and the oil every month.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Marcia Bowen

    I just ordered the Hi-Mag, double strength JAO and Weight Check. Total cost was roughly $191.00. In an earlier comment, you told someone that the cost to feed one horse would be .50 per day(inc. oats!)! With my order for $191.00(and according to shipping plan is a month’s supply), stretching to 60 days with $32 for 2 months oats, this would be $3.71 per day. I am really going to have to see some dramatic results to justify switching from Triple Crown Lite for my easy keeper. Your thoughts?????

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