Larissa about "feeding my horse with allergies"

We brought a 23 year old Quarter Horse with food allergies home three days ago.

He’s been on beet pulp and low quality hay, and I really don’t want to keep him on such a low nutrient diet any longer. His weight is fine. Also he’s been eating a ton of free choice mineral and salt. Like he hasn’t had any in a long time.

His food allergies (from the spot test report) are oats, rice bran, corn and oat pollen, corn, fescue,redtop,vernal, and bahia grasses and we have to watch him on fresh alfalfa.He also gets allergy shots once a month.

What can we feed him that would be better than beet pulp?

Any suggestions would be great.



My suggestion is oats… I know they say he is allergic and the test shows but truth is "what they are allergic to" simply doesn’t matter when it comes to oats. I have dozens and dozens of such cases that have done great and none I repeat none that has had any issue whatsoever.

Of course, the oats must be supplemented properly. See the website below on "what to feed".

It applies here with this horse. Also replace whatever salt and mineral you have with our Red Cal product. See the article called "Perfect Pastures" and the one on Salt and Mneral as well as the one on Allergies… all in the Library and in the magazine.

I would add our Aller check supplement to until at least he has improved greatly.

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Again thanks