K.S. asked weed control & "people product" questions…

Hi Dr. Dan,

I have two questions:

We are planning on applying lime to the pasture to try to control weeds and wondered how long horses should be kept off after application.  

Secondly, I have an enlarged thyroid, have been going through various tests and the doctor has identified abnormal cells and recommended surgery to removed the thryoid.  He feels probability of cancer is 70%.  I will try anything to avoid surgery and have been taking Chinese herbs for the last month as well as increasing Redoxx to 6 caps/day. Size of the goiter has decreased from 2 1/4" to 1 3/4".  

Would you recommend a different Redoxx dosage or additional supplement?  

Many thanks- K.S.

Rather than spray weeds consider making the soil healthier with more lime. As for herbicide time. It just depends on what the labels says. Personally I would double whatever that says.

I would keep up the Redoxx and add Enhance Factor as well.

Hang in there!!