Terry's questions,

1).  Is this bug check recommended for internal parasites in dogs and cats?  Also, if not, what is recommended?  Also, does it kill the parasites internally and the dogs dispose of the parasites through defacation?
2).  Customer wants to know if you have heard of Hulda Clark.  Hulda Clark recommends Cloves, and black walnut tincture for internal parasites.  What is your thinking on this?
3).  Have you heard about Grapeseed extract being hard on the dogs’ kidneys?

Bug Check  Not suggested for internal parasites (But certainly may help).

Also go to www.wormcheck.com there is an article on there called "oh crap" published in Wellness magazine.

This article does discuss the need for fecal exams to ascertain even a need for internal deworming. This is true for pets as well as horses (From overuse of chemical dewormers for so long this is extremely important) It doesn’t however help keep flies, fleas and ticks off. It is not 100 percent on fleas however but greatly helps.

Many have used our worm Check paste for horses for pets. On cats u can put a 1/4 inch or so on the paw and they clean it off. For dogs about 1 inch per 50 lbs or so… Notice too the ingredients… Much superior to just cloves (which it does contain by the way)

Whole Grapes have shown to be toxic in dogs in a few cases. NOT grape seed extract. For nearly 20 years with thousands and thousands of dogs on such and have never had ANY adverse reaction to our products in which do have extract.

Thanks for asking