Phyliss's Laminitis question…

Dear Dr. Dan.  

My horse has laminitis,  off and on for about 4 years.  He is on a low starch, low sugar diet.  Only grass hay.  He has not been sick for about a year now.  

Can he ever go and graze for a few minutes?  

Should I just keep him off grass forever?    

Thanks,  Phyllis

Absolutely… BUT get him off the low starch, commercial feed junk.

Listen to the audio on the what to feed your horse page , read the article on laminitis and search the site for previous answers to the same question….

Commercial feeds are the biggest cause.

Also read the article called perfect pastures in our library section and in the magazine.

Feel free to get back with me after reviewing the links, articles, audios etc.

Thanks for asking.

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