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Dr Dan,  I own a 27 yr old QH gelding who came from a poor background. First from starvation, then overuse. He’s been mine for 10 years now, and in spite of all the "healthy" expensive low carb high fat foods and supplements, he has a hard time maintaining an appropriate weight and body condition.

He also gets grass hay and daily pasture turnout. He has been diagnosed as IR, and does have high insulin levels. Also on thyroid med (just the low side of normal). He has not been vaccinated in 6 years, and  has been on herbal wormer for 7 months.

Two years ago he had a colic episode that required surgical removal of a huge lipoma and 5 ft of intestine. He pulled through it all very well. He has always had much abdominal gas, and still does.  In spite of all my TLC, his food/supplement program doesn’t seem to be working for him. Any suggestions?

Thank You —  Pam

Sounds like you are certainly trying. I applaud your efforts. I am sure we can help.

I really hate to see people waste money on commercial feeds that are full of the very "junk" that cause such issues to begin with. ingredients such as hydrogenated fats are killing us and killing them. Shame the industry has not recognized this yet… but it is a tough situation for feed companies. Such bad processed fats are the only thing that can sit in a hot feed room in the bag and not go rancid and they are cheap as well.

Of course we suggest crude, unrefined, not processed fats. I prefer our Weight Check oil for good fat. In your case to get the weight on , I would give 4 to 6 oz . of course gradually work up to that amount. 2 oz later will maintain weight and if they need to lose will help them do so as well. You add this "good fat" to oats. You also need to add our Just Add Oats vitamin , mineral, enzyme supplement. AND offer our RED CAL free choice at all times. the feeding program audio/info at  explains all this.

Chances are, over time you could even back off and eventually wean off the thyroid meds. Many many horses have! with the above program. Thyroid meds actually shut the thyroid down. removing the bad fats from his diet AND providing nutrients that may stimulate again could get it functioning again.  
One other supplement I would suggest in your case would be the Gut Check since he has had gut issues in the past. Also the Health Check would be the icing on the cake as a potent anti-oxidant formula to help even more get rid of past "junk".
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Thanks for asking.
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