Kathy asked about caring for 8 acres of hay…

After listening to your CD I wanted to find out particularly how to care for our 8 acres of hay.

We would normally spray to kill the weeds and then fertilize it too. So when you said on the CD to call or email and you would tell us what to do…..here ya go. 

What else do you need to know? Please answer make your answer very basic as if we didn’t know anything but the old way of doing things……….


The real key is to "lime" like crazy! If you have weeds chances are it needs lots of Lime. How much is tough to say. Local people who spread such generally have a good idea. pH Test soil testing helps but it still is good to ask how much is "typically" needed in the area. I always use a higher amount than called for anyway. it can never hurt. either pelleted or regular is fine.
As for fertilizers, that is the difficult part because each area of the country has different sources. Of course some sort of natural product is best but you just have to ask around to see. the salt based typical 10-10-10 type are the issue and cause the most problems. even a liquid but not "salt based" would be better than typical….. again  though, I don’t have much advise here because the availability of such is tough to even find.  we are working on such however. good old horse or manure works great.. never use chicken manure though  way to much nitrogen.
Thinking of starting a file of "whats available where" so let me know what you find so I can advise others in your area if asked.
Thanks Kathy!