Elizabeth asked about her "easy keeper"

This spring I added a beautiful 7 yo Friesen/Morgan gelding–all Frieisen except for the "easy keeper" part.

When I bought him he appeared quite fit (after winter) but the second he started eating even limited grass, he started packing on weight. He gets only a couple hours / day on grass and the rest on grass/hay with lots of movement. I see you have the Critical Care product and the Weight Check oil…He is on your Cocosoya (2oz)and I wonder if the weight check is very different?

Can I put him on the Critical care now, before winter? Otherwise he is very healthy so far with great feet and I want to keep him that way.

I really prefer the weight check oil and actually get better results. Please also be sure to check out our website called. www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com. This feeding program has helped thousands with weight issues. It discusses the problems of commercial feeds etc. For instance these hydrogenated fats are killing us AND our horses.  Commercial feeds are full of them so I really try to get them off all commercial feed. The audio is great.

There is also an article in the library and magazine about feeding. Most horses don’t need the critical care but it really does help support the sugar level to proper amounts. It will hasten normalcy along for sure.  Fortunately a tub or two is all that is generally needed along with the feeding program.

Thanks for asking.

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