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I hope you enjoyed a blessed and safe weekend wherever you are in the world.

A quick update on last weeks email in which I announced my new presence on Facebook so that I can connect with more of you, more often. As of this writing I have now connected with over 370 friends and having a great time of it as we continue to learn the ropes of that arena.

I appreciate your friendship above all else. In fact it was that reason we didn’t create a "fan" page presence and decided to stay with the traditional "friend" listing.

When you connect with me, I want it to be as a friend and not a fan—the latter, just don’t seem right.

The questions coming through the different sites on the internet continue to keep me enjoyably busy.

Most questions are from horse owners and if you’ve read those postings you see that very very often I refer people to the information shared at

Another common thread that runs through the questions and the situations that many face with their horses, pets and themselves is the need to De-tox and to De-ox!


The natural ingredients in our products often serve as catalysts that trigger a bodies built-in mechanism to help to restore health.

A search on the site for the word "detox" will bring up a number of questions/answers about situations in which I discuss the need to get rid of the bad stuff from within… and these are issues that you and your animals are dealing with not just on the inside, but on the outside as well!

If you go to these search results> you’ll gather much more information than I can share in just one email, and I encourage you to do so.

Red-Cal, Redoxx, Health Check and Joint Check (for both horses and pets) and Cleanse Factor are the products we have formulated and that you’ll see referred by me to help accomplish your need to fight toxins and the oxidative stress present in the environment. Each of these products feature potent and proven ingredients that simply and naturally get the job done!

Even our Grape Balm products with Grape Seed Extract are invaluable products that will help with many surface conditions.

Chemicals With In Us…

National Geographic paid $15,000 to test a writer for toxins within his body and as you will see in his article he found out more than he wanted to and went on a journey to learn more about this problem.

Now while this article (click here to open) is reporting the findings from a human perspective, it is relevant to horses and pets as well.

It’s important now more than ever to ask yourself…

What on earth, will I, my horse or my pet- breathe, eat, drink or touch today?

We’ll be here to help.

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