Vicki's question about Summer Tail Itch…


My Paso Fino and Am Miniature horses both have tail itch, my mini is worse.  I spray the pink anti-fungal spray with Listerine antiseptic on there tails.  

It helps for a couple of days then they are back to itching.  I worm them quarterly, feed them oats with Bug Check, Grand Coat, Source, Vitamin/Minerals and soybean Oil.

If I miss spraying on the third day they are out there rubbing against something. What do you recommend?  

Thank you, Vicki

I would stop the spray for sure. It is only suppressing or covering up the symptoms and making worse over time.

With most itches the body is trying to "discharge" something.

The biggest source of such "junk" to discharge is vaccines, drugs (dewormers), topicals, and commercial feeds.

I would consider our Health check to support this detox and help the body out. Please also consider our Weight Check oil. Other soy bean oils are hydrogenated and this is terrible source of "junk" for the body.

Also consider our Just add Oats supplement for your vitamins and minerals (many minerals are other industries left overs) and Aller Check if condition doesn’t improve.

You would not need the other supplements you mention either with our Red Cal.  

PLEASE also see the website Just deworming on a calendar basis is far from the best in my opinion too. Enjoy the info on the website as well.

Thanks For Asking!