Martine w/ question about Bug Check (& welts)

Ok, so I have bug check, but my horse won’t eat it even with oats. What is the secret to get my horse to eat this garlic stuff? She gets really bad welts every summer, and they wind up open sores; so she needs help Help!

Thank you for your expedient response.

Just start over with a pinch and work back is just never an issue but sometimes they do have to get used to it.

Just so you know it is less than 10% garlic.

Also if your horse has sores you may want to do more than Bug Check. sounds like you need to pull out the "big guns" see the first article in the magazine on allergies, also see the what to feed your horse website below and also go to the website and search for allergies, hives, etc.

Don’t get me wrong BUG CHECK is awesome and helped thousands and thousands but if sores develop, the problem is not just bugs, the whole immune system should be addressed.

I suggest Aller Check for immune support. Health Check to help detox the body with liver support (to help get rid of the "junk" that is already in the body.

I also suggest the feeding program instead of commercial feeds that contain all types of potential allergens. (allergies start in the gut.

Thanks for asking!

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