Cassie asked about natural treatment for uveitis / moon blindness…

Is there a natural horse treatment for uveitis or moon blindness?


Yes and no.

Nothing specific but we have had great success with our Critical Care Founder/Laminitis formula. This formula is tremendous support for any inflammatory situation including this one.

Personally I feel that this situation is very related to environmental issues from chemicals, such as one might find in dewormers vaccinations etc. Therefore is would also seem important to help get rid of such "junk" in the body.

For this detox support Redoxx and our Joint Check (this also has anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidant properties. See the magazine page 36 to see how it would take 11 buckets of carrots and apples to equal one scoop antioxidant wise, note everything in Heath Check is already in Joint Check). One other issue is to not put more "junk" back in. Commercial feed is also a source of such. See the info on what to feed your horse below to help with this contributing factor.

Thanks for asking!


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