Carla's question about her 8 yr old Quarter Horse…

I have an 8 yr old Quarter Horse Appendix for three
years and ever since I have had him his stools are very loose.

I worm him regularly with the a 1 year Premium it is a rotation system that
is given every 2 months.

In the Spring of last year the vet tried around Metronidazole in the event it might be something bacterial from
the streams while trail riding. I have had him on probiotic for a year now.

They seemed to help some over the winter when his diet was mostly
hay, but with the green grass it as bad as ever.Just to give you an
idea his stools are more like that of a cow than a horse.

He is in excellent condition both with his weight and his coat so far as
nutrient absorption it does not seem to effect him.

I have different ideas about deworming. 🙂

Go to and the article in the magazine about deworming.

Also see the article and website on feeding. Commercial feeds are also terrible.

When I see chronic stool issues I feel as though the body is trying to "discharge" ie. Get rid of the "junk".  such junk comes from commercial feeds, chemicals etc.

In your case I would especially consider our Health check supplement to help support the liver detox AND our Gut Check which is so much more than simple probiotics. For feed I suggest switching to oats. To the oats to make them complete I would add Just Add Oats supplement and our Weight Check oil. I would also throw away all salt and mineral blocks and offer our Red Cal free choice all the time. (See the article on salt and minerals page 21 of magazine)

Thanks For Asking!

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