Bob, also asked about moon blindness…

Snoopy, an 18 yr. old Appy x Arab gelding has been diagnosed with uveitis.

He also has reccuring lameness thought to be associated with navicular. He is on 7acres pasture yr round.

What would you recommend I supplement him with to help prevent further damage to his eyes and help him with keeping his joints supple with out stressing out his kidneys?

Uveitis or commonly known as moon blidness, is definitely a tough issue but we have had success…

Personally I feel it is an autoimmune type issue. "Something" triggers the reaction of inflammation in the eye, often both eyes.

My "gut feeling" as to cause is chemicals, vaccines, dewormers or at least something along these lines. thus the key would to success here is to provide a detox liver support (our Health Check supplement and also RED CAL….listen to the audio on the library section and also see page 36 of the magazine) and also anti-inflammatory benefits as well. .

In your case however I would suggest the Joint Check instead of Health Check because it will help the other issues you asked about and has these attributes PLUS it already has all the ingredients of  Health Check already in it….. sort of like 2 products in one.

I would also give twice the amount the label calls for. this product has helped many with the probelms you have.

Use and enjoy the articles and websites referenced below and thanks for asking!

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