Ann's question about DSLD – Too much iron in the blood?


Hi Dr. Dan, I’ve read your answer for supplements for a DSLD horse. My horse was just diagnosed with DSLD. I am feeling heartbroken because most things I’ve read make it sound like there isn’t much hope for a cure at this time and he is quite young (only 13). I’ve been using Red Cal hi mag for almost 2 years now along with bug check, joint check (started last month)& allergy check (not using right now). I will try the just add oats feeding plan and the weight control oil. I plan to give him Jiaogulan and AAKG (Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate) as part of a regimen suggested by others who have DSLD horses.

Are any of these choices not good to give at the same time? Also it seems many DSLD horse have high concentrations of iron in their blood. Is there a way to counteract this? (Unfortuneately our water is high in iron.) I’m amazed at how many horses have DSLD especially in my horse’s breed. I had barely heard of this before and thought it was extremely rare. Thank you for your help. Ann

Yes!!! Get him off all commercial feed and do use the Just Add Oats and Oil with the oats.

Probably just the regular Red Cal is Ok or rotate between regular for a bag then Hi mag until you see which one works better over the long haul.

I would keep up the Joint Check and the Alller Check.  I have had many do great with just this. You won’t need the arginine and Jiaogulan.

Thanks for asking!