Theresa's question about horse "tying up"…

My son purchased a 12 year old quarterhorse thoroughbred cross that he uses for speed events.

He has had her for 1 year.  

She tyed up one evening when exercising her and hadn’t even ridden her too hard.  It has happened again.  Her back end starts to shake and then she cannot walk for a couple of hours.

Had the vet out the first time which did not go well.  Had blood work done on her a week after it happened which shows CPK high @ 2395 and AST (SGOT) high @ 1709.  

What do you recommend?

Get off all commercial feeds for sure. The hydrogenated fats are terrible in these and very much part of the problem.

I suggest oats along with our supplements called Just Add oats supplement and our Weight check oil.  The oil is a great source of very good fat which is very much needed in such cases. I would in fact give more than the. Maintenance suggested which is 2 oz per day. I would give 4 oz which will help "displace" the bad fats that are majority of cause. electrolyte are also generally messed up.

Keeping the horse on all the Red Cal (hi mag version preferred for this)  will greatly help too.

Finally to help support the liver (needed especially so based on the  lab tests that were done) I would suggest our Health check supplement.  

Thanks for asking!


Also… see Shelley’s comment that she added below:

(Thanks Shelley)




  1. Shelley

    I had the same problem with my TB. He was at the point where he would tie up after a gallop through the field. He was also unrideable at this point. I eliminated all processed grains, now I feed oats, with Just Add Oats, Red Cal (high mag), and H2oil. He gets more oil than my other TB. I started Dr. Dans program in April, and he hasn’t tyed up since. I started riding him a month ago. 🙂

    I do find he consumes more RedCal than the maintenance dose, so I make sure he has it available 24/7.

    Good luck with you your mare.

  2. Theresa

    Thanks to both Dr. Dan & Shelley,
    Our mare is not on commercial feeds & I recently purchased more Red Cal but not the high mag. Will order that as well as the Just Add Oats & H2oil or Weight Check Oil-Which oil is best? It can only help. We did start her on Vitamin E/Selenium as everyone says it is deficient in Michigan. Will I still need this with the Just add Oats supplement?

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