Mary, who asked about her overweight horse…

Dear Dr Dan,  

I have a 16 year old easy keeper gelding .  

He quickly becomes overweight on grazing.  In addition to grazing he gets a very small amount of oats, with Just Add Oats,  high Magnesium Red Cal, either Health Check or Joint Check, and coca soya.  He has been on this feed regimen for a year and a half , yet he still gains weight very easily,  

Right now he has been restricted to dry lot during the day with a very small amount of hay.  Then I worry about ulcers, it is a constant trade off.  Soon the horses ( my horse is boarded at a large facility)  will be on dry lot with round bales 24/7.  He gets fat then as well.   He is consitantly exercised.  What to do?

I would for sure add the Critical Care overweight formula. this will greatly help support the sugar fluctuations. Maybe even just a tub or two will suffice but long term is fine if needed. (it is pricey but there is truly nothing like it).

I would also highly consider our Weight Check oil. I have found that this crude unrfined GMO free oil is superior and giving better results than any. to maintian and lose weight 2 oz per day is suggested for an average size horse.

Thanks For Asking!