Marsha, who has declared war on scratches!!!

Hello Dr. Dan!  

There are 11 horses on our farm.  Some of them are affected by scratches.  

Our summer has been very wet. The horses have been out on pasture 24/7.  

We have clipped the hair, tried several preparations to rid the scabs and then treat the bacteria/fungus.  I would like to find a natural product that will removethe scabs, kill the infection and heal the skin.  

Should the horses be put up at night for awhile to help their pasterns dry and be out of the wet grass?  

What causes this constant problem??

What can we do to control or rid our chronic problem?  

Thank you so much!  

We have declared war on scratches!


What I would really like you to do is to listen to my audio on thrush, white line, scratches etc.  (All similar as far as cause).

The problem is not the fungus and treating such only makes worse.

The key is helping them get rid of the "junk" in the system that the body is trying to "discharge" and also support the immune system. The audio is about 20 minutes long and explains it all in depth and what to do. You can find this audio at the Dr Dan library website.

This can be handled but you have to work from the inside out.  Just topical won’t do it. That I promise!!

Thanks For Asking

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