Mary's question about bee pollen and adrenal support for horses…

Do you carry any products that have bee pollen in them?

Are there any of your products that you recommend for adrenal support in horses?

The key to adrenal support is to get them off commercial feeds. These cause sugar highs and sugar lows. The lows cause adrenal response from stress. The highs cause insulin release and subsequent resistance. In addition to the sugars the processed hydrogenated fats are killing them AND us. Listen to the audio on what to feed your horse below. Get your horse on oats. Make the oats complete with our Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil. Offer the Red Cal at all times

The ultimate addition would be to add our Critical Care overweight insulin resistant formula. This will not be needed long term but will hasten the process of adrenal support by really supporting the sugar levels correctly. This is good that it is not needed long term cause it is pricey but there is nothing like it anywhere.

About the bee pollen…

We do not have a bee pollen product but our Health Check supplement ingredients are more than better.

Thanks for asking!

Dr Dan