Laurie's question about overweight walker mare…

Wondering about my walker mare.

In the spring she became sore on the front after a winter on alfalfa and sweet feed and yes, she got too fat.

Since then we have her on Purina Low Starch pellet supplemented with Equi-Shine supplement from Madison Equine, chromium, Thyro-L and isoxsuprine tablets, 15 a day.

She has lost some weight, but would she be better off with your Omega oil, oats and RedCal?

She has normal insulin now and thyroid levels, just still too plump.

She is ridable, but with winter coming on, she won’t get used much. Don’t want a repeat of last winter.

I now have grass hay. She is no longer sore. Pasture here in WI is pretty much done.

She has been on it all summer.



You are indeed smart to get her off the commercial feed. You will be pleased. I would discontinue asap all but what you asked about. Give the oats and to them add the Just Add Oats and weight Check oil supplements. Free choice on the Red Cal at all times. The Hi mag version would be preferred until weight is ideal again. Either is fine though.

Just asked the vet if her insulin and thyroid were normal when they were rechecked 2 months ago. 

I can’t find the info.  If they are, oats would not be too much starch again, right? 

Thanks,  Laurie

Absolutely misinformation on oats.

They are the only grain I can get such issues under control with and the only grain digested in the hind gut. The only folks that don’t want you to feed oats are the companies that sell the others.

Especially noted is that Low starch commercial feed is full of hydrogenated fats too which are killing us and our horses.

Thanks For Asking!