Maia's question about our Red Cal and Oats…

Hi Dr. Dan,  

Thank you so much for all your valuable information and dedication to our "kids" oh… I mean Horses health. (smile)  

My question is, I have a 7 yr. old T.B. gelding off the race track and I have been trying to put weight on him for the last month or so and have been successful.

I have added a 1/2 of cup of weight check oil to his commercial feed. I have purchased "Just Add Oats" and Red Cal. I am very nervous to switch him over to oats due to the fact that I do not want him any more energetic or "hot".

I have read your articles about the oat myth so I am trusting you; I just don’t know how much whole oats to give him?

Also, I can not feed red cal free choice so what amount of Red Cal do you recommend that I add to his feed? I do realize the recommended amount on the bag but, I do not want to over do it.

How will I know if he is getting to much?  You are truly a blessing for the natural horse owners!  Thank You in advance!

First, Thanks for the kind words…

He will not be hot from the oats. That is for sure. Totally a myth. As for amount. Just gradually switch from whatever grain you are now giving to the same volume of oats. Then after seeing how he does and acts you can either increase or decrease as needed. It is just more of an art than a science for any type of feed even.

As for how much Red Cal typically 2 oz per day is sufficient bit still offering free choice as well is ideal preventive health wise.

Thanks for asking Maia!




  1. Kathy

    I’m waiting for my shipment of Critical Care I/R for my mini donks. They all three have cresty necks and look like they are full term pregnant—they’re not! How much do I give them along with their oats, JAO and H2Oil? They have free access to Red Cal and I’ve also been giving them Bug Check with their oats. I’m really pleased with the products and have shared them with others. I’m doing what I can to spread the word–thanks for all your work.

  2. Dr. Dan

    Thanks. Just follow label directions but reduce amounts according to the weights of the donkeys. Unless they are really tiny 1/4 of what the label suggest would be great. Thanks

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