Claire's question about tick infestation on dog…

I’m having a VERY persistant problem with two varieties of ticks.

The first being the standard tick that creates it’s own blood sack.

The other looks just like a black sesame seed, and when squeezed or pinched blood comes out.

Ihave removed hundreds from my dog, and am now worried about her health, and possible viral infections due to the tick bites.

What can i use to treat the ground, and what can i do to rid her of these persistant ticks.

please help!

Our Bug Check supplement for pets has helped thousands.

On the ground use our Stable Check granules.

Thanks for asking!


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  1. Margie Dexter

    Hi, I have read alot about owning guineas to keep ticks under control One guy said after 3 years he had no ticks at all. I read you have to keep 2 penned at all times and put them all up at night- train them by feeding in eve. These 2 will help the others not wander too far. You can trade which 2 you pen. I am interested in doing this myself just have not done it yet. I you do not get too many they are not very loud. Margie

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