Cindy's question about Heaves and HYPP

Do you have a product for a horse with heaves and is also HYPP?

Supplement wise our Red cal is awesome for HYPP horses. The article on salt and minerals and the one called perfect pastures in the magazine ( mentions hypp with respect to minerals.

I would also suggest Aller Check and Joint Check (lungs are connective tissue as are joint etc) plus the Joint Check has all the ingredients of Health Check which really help reduce oxidative stress (anti-oxidant properties) which in my opinion is a big part of heaves.

All of these and even the Weight Check oil are great. This one will help somewhat with keeping weight on which is an issue in chronic heaves. Especially since they spend so much energy just breathing (when given in higher amounts – see the label where it suggest 4 to 8 oz per day for gain and 2 oz per day too just maintain or lose). Read More

We have really never had any issues with hypp horses even with any of these.

I would even suggest oats for feed along with our Just Add oats.

There is just not enough potassium there to effect but I always suggest that this specific supplement be added very gradually just to be on the safe side. Many have benefited and so much more beneficial than commercial feeds. See the website below on what to feed your horse below. It all applies to hypp horses too.

http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.comRead More

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