Barbs's question about seizures with Australian Cattle dog…

Hi Dr. Dan…

I have a Australian Cattle dog who is just turning 3.  

When she was just turning 1 and since then she on occasions maybe every two months she has seizures where she stiffens up, cannot stand and drools severly but keeps her tongue in her mouth and is coherent- it takes about 10 minutes to pass thru this then she is like nothing happened.  

The vet says there are no drugs to help,  do you have any suggestions?

Seizures, holistically speaking, are a form of "discharge".. The body essentially is trying to get rid of something. vaccine, chemicals, drugs, hydrogenated fats etc. etc.
My suggestion to help support this "detox" and not put more "junk" back in. specifically i would suggest a natural diet pet food. I prefer one called Innova I also suggest our Health Check supplement to support the liver in this process. I also suggest our Human product/capsules called Redoxx. One capsule per 25 lbs daily onto the food.(break open the capsules)
if anything will help nutritionally the above will. I have seen good results. of course for the future avoid the obvious.
Thanks for asking!


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  1. Judy

    Thanks for this info and for the question. I also have an Australian Cattle Dog that has seizures, usually about every three months but the last two times were just a month apart. I have been looking for something to help him and really appreciate this post.

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