Judy's question about 18 year old Peruvian mare…

We have an

18 year old Peruvian mare

we rescued a year ago last April she was 4 months pregnant and in awful condition,

We really weren’t sure we could save her and her foal. but The lord let it happen and she had all the proper prenatal care and

 vet and farrier help and our constant doing what we could that was good for her and the baby

.Her legs and feet were horrid to the point we had to keep her back legs wrapped for support so she could get up and down

We had Equine Therapist out to keep poor girl in alignment but kinda had to wait until foal got here for serious work.

When we go to her you could put your thumb up into her hoof and her frogs were a complete disaster.flat and paper thin.

Her feet are doing great now and finally after a year and a half had shoes on front feet to reshape them to a normal shape now that the walls are thick and hold a shoe

After a bit we will take off shoes… may have to go to aluminum ones due to the weight maybe irritating her arthritis in her knees.???

She has had at one time a broken scapula and healed on it’s own but you can feel where a piece of it isn’t her back legs were pulled down from atrophy and one pastern had at one time been cracked and can not be fixed but we do now keep the permanent swelling she seemed to have in both back to normal size but the one won’t ever pull back up the other is now normal.

Problem is now she has severe arthritis and tensynovitis on her hocks

Her arthritic knees are worse.

She is on AAGG and Jiaguluon(Sp)

That alone really really helps her her tendons and ligiments are nice and strong and hard again and it does help some of her pain issues

Also Cortex Flex/HA

Asperase or Herbal bute and lots of Liniments

She Is in very beautiful shape now and has muscles instead of soft muscle tissue all over her body

She gaits wonderful on days she feels good.

Foal is now 8 mos and weaned that was a hard process for her he got through it fine.

He was 95 pounds at birth and very very healthy she had him Jan 8 Elvis Presleys birthday so his nik name is Elvis

All our horses are on Equine Saver and have been for a long time.

They do good on it and are shining from inside and out even our poor arthritic girl

Bermuda hay … no grain… except foal and he is on Strategy GX

What we want to know is is there something we can give her to help her

severe arthritis before we end up having to put her down as she has such a very hard time of it.

If there is something?

Hi Judy…

I would consider our Joint Check supplement. There is none other like it.

I would also consider our Weight Check oil. It is a tremendous source of fatty acids etc. along with being a tremendous support for joints hoofs etc.

See the article/audio/website http://WhatToFeedYourHorse.com for even more info.

Thanks For Asking!