isn't the internet a great "pasture"?

copy of email I sent today…

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Hello, I hope finds you well…

We have been extremely busy and just want to make sure you know that we appreciate your loyal support and also appreciate the large amount of new customers that we have been able to serve in the past few weeks.

I’ve been very pleased with the response and the connections that we have made through the Twitter and Facebook sites as well as through our Question/Answer blog at

In a way, the internet has become a great "pasture" for us to help others and share information. In fact, we just made our 300th posting on the AskDrDan site since we launched it just over 12 months ago.

The Search function of the site alone is becoming increasingly valuable as we continue to add content almost daily.

In fact, during the past couple of weeks I have been kept very busy with serving through the site and if I somehow missed one of your questions I apologize and ask that you resubmit.

Also just last week, I launched my Facebook page and have already connected with nearly 300 friends in less than a week.

When I first launched online in 2001 and had a vision of how I could reach and help as many people possible through the internet, I had no idea that technology would take us to where we are today and like you I’m sure, will be amazed at where it takes us tomorrow.

I was thrilled at the people that connected almost immediately via Facebook and how the comments and questions started pouring in.

Facebook Comments!The image you see is some of those comments that I received the first night from those of you that have shared your testimonials about our products.

These comments and questions keep pouring in and it’s just amazing the "good-things" that can be accomplished through the internet.

Your support is overwhelming!

And please know that even though you yourself might not be using the social sites to connect, that our traditional websites and the traditional ways to contact us are still available to you.

I and those that I work alongside will always be there for you.

And comments like this one I received today, lets me know we are on the right track…

It’s really great since joining with you on facebook to see how you truly want to help people with their horse issues.

I don’t know how all this came about for you, but my experiences with most vets are lack of time, lack of interest, lack of updated knowledge, and pretty much desensitized to their job after dealing with people for so long. That’s why I made it my job to get the knowledge and take care of my horse barn and clients.

I’m very happy that you and your products are out there helping to solve horse health issues.


Thanks Wendy and thank YOU!
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A great deal of recent questions have dealt with grass/hay/pasture issues so I thought it would be timely to share this featured article from our magazine…

Grass Muzzles for pasture horses – that’s crazy!
Or is it? Grass muzzles are a hot item these days. I see them at almost every equine event I attend. Truthfully, I almost laughed the first time I saw one. Then I thought to myself “that is a great idea”, many horse owners today really need them. But why?

For thousands of years wild horses have lived on grass alone and typically they ate all they wanted. There was no one to stop them, turn them out for only a few hours at a time or worse yet MUZZLE them. Today, colic, allergies, metabolic issues, laminitis, hoof and other health issues are often associated with eating too much grass…

Click here for full article (PDF file)