Jeff's question about our Red Cal Hi-Mag (our 300th post!)

Wwe have been using the red cal minerals for the past year with our horses and have been very pleased overall.  We have been trying to especially address the hoof condition on one of our horses, and it seemed that for a time the red cal was doing that, but alas the hooves deteriorated again. 

We then added hoof check to his regimen as well as the free choice red cal.  Well we are to the ordering stage for minerals and hoof check again, before we ordered I wanted to ask if you thought that the hi-mag red cal would be any more advantageous than the red cal? 

This is the only horse in the pasture that continues to have any hoof problems, and we are really trying very hard not to put shoes on him (I’m afraid that his hoof walls will not hold the nails very well and afraid of the mess that shoes could cause). 

Please advise thanks again for all your great products.

Lisa and Jeff B.

Hi Jeff, hope all is great…

The regular formula of RED CAL is all that is needed.

Is he on the feeding program of oats with Just Add Oats supplement and Weight Check oil?

Please listen to the audio on the website.  This is the underlying foundation of all health in my opinion.

The Red Cal is the single most healthy however. BUT I suspect the feeding program will greatly help even if genetics were involved.

Thanks for asking Jeff!


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  1. Karen Rasmussen

    Dr. Dan,
    I, too, am trying to help one horse. She has weeping eyes, very dry skin, and rubs most of her tail out every summer. The skin around her rump is thick and scaly.I don’t know if this preceeded the rubbing or is a result of it. I suspect copper deficiency, but have no proof. She is a Morgan, easy keeper, foundered as a 4 yo. She is now 25 and in very good condition, but this skin condition is baffling me.
    I used to grind up flaxseed for her every a.m. (1/2 c.) and it helped her hair coat but the dry skin remained. I’m about to try it again, and also start giving her unprocessed soy oil. What are your suggestions, please?

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