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 Lorraine (via Facebook) asked…

I was just reading the article on oats, and the mention of flax seed going bad concerns me… as did a few other points in your newsletter.


I have a 25 year old relatively easy-keeper with a history of a nasal tumor, liver failure & anhydrosis… and thats all in the past 8 years or so I’ve owned him! his last bi-annual exam shows no trace of the ethmoid hematoma now after 2 years on oriental herbal meds, and presently his liver & other organs are working properly (complete blood workup last month due to unexplained high temps)…

but he barely sweats. the anhydrosis has been an issue on & off for years…

but seems to have recently gotten worse. the change: new barn where his "senior" feed was changed from Purina brand to Nutrena 4+ months ago… whose first ingredient is flax seed.

our barn only offers Nutrena so I just switched him to a 50-50 mix of senior & Safe Choice and added a himalayan salt block to his stall. (he hasn’t been dehydrated but I thought he may be lacking in some mineral as an explanation WHY he’s having this issue).

I also removed his Omega supplements since he now has all that flax seed in his diet already. in addition to the 2 quarts of feed fed twice daily, he consumes 6 flakes of hay daily. I also give him a bucket daily consisting of soaked alfalfa haycubes as he appears to have lost a little bit of weight since the move. (he has VERY limited access to fresh grass here on LI).

my questions:

what else would you recommend be added to his diet?

should anything be removed from his diet?


A total change to oats. (Commercial feeds are full of junk fats and more and hydrogenated.. These make cells in the body like little plastic cells..

These fats are killing us and our horses)

Add our Just Add Oats supplement and our Weight check oil supplement (see the audio on what to feedyourhorse website). Throw away the salt clock, even if it is Himalayan (see article on salt and mineral page 16 of magazine) and replace with our Red Cal (so much better than just salt and blocks of any kind are useless).

I would give probably 4 oz of our Weight Check oil instead of 2 which is typical maintenance. This will help displace all those bad fats and help with the loss of fat too. I wouldn’t give any other supplements. Just good hay and or grass

Thanks for asking!

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