Kendra's "foundering" question…

Hi Dr. My name is Kendra and I have Rocky Mountains.

 Last year my daughtes horse foundered on grass and this year my mothers did the same about 3 wks ago.

Now my pride and joy is acting like she might be as well.

Her hoofs are not hot they are cool to the touch but she is walking soft toed.

I have heard if they are at the beginning of foundering you can give
them 1 cup of epson salt mixed with 2 cups of water and that
should get all the poisons out of there system.

Is that something you might recommend or is there something
else i can do to stop it?

She has been fine all the way up until last night.

Hi Kendra…

I have never heard of the formula you suggest and would be afraid too try honestly for fear of getting into the lungs etc. . there is a homeopathic remedy that has helped is called Nux Vomica from a health food store. 30 c potency and give 4 times the number of pellets it says for an adult person. give every 2 hours.,
I would also please see the article on founder and laminitis in the magazine on our website.

We also have  a Critical Care product formula for such cases but I also would suggest having the horse checked locally asap.

Please see the article to help prevent all such cases for the future too. (Link to mag below)

Thanks for asking!!!


Dr Dan

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