Kathi's question about Diarrhea in horses…

We have a gelding that had all the colic symptoms.

The vet oiled him & he went in to shock.

We hauled him to the hospital & the diagnosed him with a bacterial infection in his intestines. 

He has been home from the hospital and is on ranitadine and psyllium powder for seven days then off for 3 weeks. 

He has diarrhea so bad that it sounds like a fountain when he goes to the bathroom. 

Do you have any products that would help with the diarrhea?

I would really suggest 2 products…

First is our RED CAL.. free choice all he can eat.. it is awesome to replace those electrolytes and has some great detoxing liver support.

Second I would get him on our Gut Check asap. there is nothing like it anywhere with its prebiotics, probiotics enzymes etc.

Thanks For Asking!




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  1. Julie

    Hi Dr. Dan,
    I have a 12 year old quarter horse mare who has had diarrhea for the past 6 months. I feed alfalfa in am & forage in pm. She has always drank tons of water since we have had her (7yrs) I mean lots of water! she acts fine & looks great… but she must be uncomfortable.. and i do have to wash he rear everyday. i have tried probiotic paste and did help.. but the tube only gives you 2 doses.. how much can i safely give her and might you have some reccomendations on where to start with her?
    Thank you very much,

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