Carla's pony with chronic laminitis…

I have a 19 year old pony who has chronic laminitis. 

He will be fine for weeks and then may become very sore. 

He is fed hay and a very minimal amount of senior feed (only to keep him happy while the other horses have their grain). 

His time on pasture is limited and our pasture is not very lush this time of the year (midwest). 

The vet also suspects cushings. 

What supplements would you suggest? 

I would for now get him on both our Critical Care products/formulas (pricey i know and wish they weren’t but there are just nothing like them anywhere)
I would also be sure to get on the feeding program of Oats with Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil.. also free choice RED CAL (I would use the Hi Mag formula) Ok for the other horses too but when this horse is back in shape then switch back to regular Red Cal… Review What To Feed Your Horse Link below…
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Don’t forget our Pet & People products too!

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