Nicky asked about parasite exam results…

Would you say that your natural dewormer is "strong" enough to deal w some of these rescue horse cases (like from the strongyle-positive horse sampled recently), where a huge parasite load is expected? 

The last rescue horse I had was dewormed (at vet’s suggestion) w 5-day Panacur Power Pack (slow release), followed a month later by a large dose of Zimectrin Gold (deals w tapeworms, also). 

At that point, three large blood-red large strongyle larvae dropped out of his butt, looking so healthy I thought they were alive (til I prodded them, and no response). 

It took ALL THAT CHEMICAL WORMER to get those things out of him.  Is it your opinion or experience that continued doses of the natural wormer could do the same? 

I used to use Diatemaceous Earth on all mine on a daily basis, but I think the large Strongyles ate holes in the rescue horse’s gut, because if I give him probiotics or DE or anything grainy, he explodes w diarrhea.  A lot of damage already. 

No pressure to respond to this, I know you’re busy  and this is more of an ad-lib discussion. 

Best regards, Nicky

Just understand that Chemical dewormers in my opinion are poison.

Just enough to kill the worms but not the horse.

They do negatively affect the immune system and certainly help develop these "resistant" strains… all that said we have had good results with all situations. The key is to keep rechecking at 3 week intervals to be sure. I agree that DE alone is useless, it helps but not enough. our worm check product is far from just DE though.

Ultimately this has to be your decision. We have thousands using but no clinical studies to back up anything. (wish we could but the expense is unbearable for something un patentable) so…..also see the site called

Thanks for asking!