Jane asks about grass fed horse…

Hello Dr. Dan.

 My horse is currently on pasture grass during cooler hours of the evening/night and supplemented with a slice of hay during the afternoon, as he spends the hot afternoons by his fan under the run-in shed. 

He was previously on a pelleted food for his grain ration am/pm, and with purchase of the #2 product I gradually have converted him to oats, am/pm..

He has also been on Thyro L since having laminitis approx. 15 years ago.  Yes, an easy keeper. 

My question is:

 I saw on the Just Add Oats label that it was primarly formulated for horses on hay as their primary roughage source.

Is this a problem during the late summer months, when grass is the larger ratio of his roughage content? 


Jane in Kentucky

Hay or grass is fine.. make sure he has free accesss to red cal at all times. Also be sure that along with the Just Add oats add the oil. (I prefer our Weight Check oil)

Thanks for asking Jane