Feeding a horse with cancer…

Hello Dr. Dan…

Our horse has been fighting cancer for the last year.

The tumor has reduced by 60% and her energy and attitude are good. No pain.

We have been following a naturopathic diet but she is not gaining weight (Very thin).

What type of food, supplements and especially what kind of hay, should we be using right now.

Thank you,

Follow the feeding program outlined on the website linked below.

Number one is get her off commercial feed. feed oats instead. to the oats add the Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil supplements.

Make Red Cal available free choice at all times.

I would also add the Aller Check. it has some ingredients that have been used for centuries to support such conditions.

Thanks for asking Bonnie. Be sure to enjoy the audio on what to feed your horse…

What To Feed Your Horse?