Karen asks about her horses weight…

I have a half linger – welsh mix pony. 

She is 13.8 high and I need to knoe what is a good weight for her? 

She weighs about 900 lbs. now and my friend tells me shee is too heavy. 

I don’t know what a draft pony should weigh.

 I give her 1/2 cup of oats and 1/2 scoop of just add oats, also 1/2 scoop of hoof check and 1/3 scoop of joint check.  Also I give her 1/3 scoop of weight check and she put on 15 more pounds. 

She gets 1 hour of grass per day and orchard grass hay. 

Am I doing my feeding wrong?  I make sure she is ridden twice a week for at least an hour and sometimes three times. 

Is she alright at her weight or do I need to get her to lose weight?

You are feeding her right supplement wise. there is no way however for me to tell you her proper weight.

But I can tell you that you should not be able to see her ribs but should be able to feel them by gently rubbing your hand over the area.

If she is overweight. I would cut back on the hay. I would be sure to make our  Red Cal available free choice as well. The Hi-Mag version IF she is now overweight and then later switch back to the regular version.

Thanks for asking!


Dr. Dan