Steve: I appreciate the kind words- Thank You!

Dr. Dan:  

I want to thank you for all the timely articles you’ve sent these many months.

I share your thoughts on a lot things especially concerning our country.

I’m really interested in your new blog ( eagerly await more of your insight to the events around us.

Every time I receive an e-mail I’m always amazed at how things have come along.

You may not remember me, but, you and your Mum and I along with my wife Anna were side by side vendor booth neighbors at the Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair back in 2001; the last year at the old arena for the Fair. It was by far and away the best time we’ve ever had at an expo. Anna had horse training demonstrations there along with Craig Cameron and others. The atmosphere was so friendly and unpressurized. 

The experience was made special by you and the presence of your Mum. She was a joy to be around. Anna & I have often wondered how she is doing these days. Our mothers are still with us and in good health. We truely hope your Mum is doing the same. We were two of the last vendors to leave at the end of the fair. I remember our goodbyes as if were yesterday.

It is a pleasure to see how well you’ve done and all of the wonderful help you personally gave us then and now. Anna just takes care of our own horses now as she works in the NG fields here in Pennsylvania. Marcellus Shale gas is the big driver in these parts.

I will not take any more of your time. I really hope though all of the emails you receive you will be able to read this message.

Take care, Sir, and God Bless you and yours. 


Steve M. Smethport, PA