M.K. asks about distillers grain in our Red Cal…

Hi Dr Dan…

I recently started feeding free-choice Red Cal and all the ingredients sound good to me except the distillers grain, which I understand is a by-product of alcohol and ethanol product and is primarily fed to cattle. 

Can you tell me why that ingredient is included in the Red Cal? 

I’m a little hesitant to keep feeding it until I have a better understanding. 


Hello MK…

It is a great source of nutrition to be frank regardless of species.

There is certainly no alcohol in it. 

We use so little that we really wouldn’t have to even put it on the label. BUT we believe in full disclosure.

Rest assured tens of thousands have used and continued to use and benefit. It my opinion it (Red Cal) is the single most healthy supplement you can offer.

Thanks for asking!

Dr Dan


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  1. Heidi Lindner

    I also have concern with the distiller’s grain in the Red Cal product.

    First of all, I have insulin resistant, laminitic-prone horses whose diet must be very low in sugars and starch in order to control symptoms. Any sort of grain is out of the question.

    Second, there’s an article from Kansas State University recommending against feeding distiller’s grain to horses. The article can be found here: http://www.extension.org/pages/K-State_Equine_Scientist_Does_Not_Recommend_Feeding_DDGS_to_Horses
    According to this article, there is a risk of fumonisin poisoning among other potential problems.

    My questions for Dr. Dan:
    1) Is your source of distiller’s grain tested for fumonisin contamination?

    2) I appreciate your policy of full disclosure. So in that light, will you disclose the percentage of dry matter of distiller’s grain in Red Cal? If it’s such a little amount, why even put it in there at all? What specific nutrients does it contribute?

    I am a former customer, and will consider buying Red Cal again if you answer my questions thoroughly and truthfully.

    Thanks so much,

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