Fat, Cresty neck drags rear feet???

I listened to your conversation in regards to being over weight etc.
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I know that you suggest feeding oats.

I feed a supplement from Purina called Endure 12.  He gets about 1 to 2 lbs a day.  I was giving him Platinum Performance with it but had to give it up due to cost.  I am a person that likes natural products for my horse which I give him his shots homopathic by nasodes in the lip. 

But I need something to bring his weight back to where it needs to be and something that will help him to keep it that way plus help his internal organs etc. 

Your Red Cal is for horses, cows etc.  But don’t cows him additives that are bad for horses?

I also give my horse a dewormer from Silver Lining herbs. A paste wormer once a year.

Can you help me. 

My horse is a gelding, 16 hands, AQHA, overweight dosen’t get ridden as much as he should because I live in Washington state.  Will be moving to Georgia as soon as we can. 

I love my horse I have had him since he was 2yrs old and diagnoist with EPM at 2yrs old.  Went thru the whole mess. 

Anything would be a great help and also cost wise.  Thank you.


Yes oats but oats need supplementing to make complete. Our Just Add Oats and our Weight Check oil do just that. these are what you need to makes oats complete. You can put more weight on by giving more weight check oil. But in your case just 2 oz per day will help lose the weight he needs. Commercial feed just won’t cut the mustard. All the hydrogenated fats in them etc are just terrible.

Red Cal is mother Natures product to provide a lot. It is the single most healthy supplement you can give a horse in my opinion. It is designed for horses not cows but is fine for cows.  I personally feel that it provides nutrients even yet to be discovered. It fills in the gaps so to speak!  It is awesome.

The Just Add oats and the oil run about 50 cents each per day in the larger sizes. And shipping is almost free if order is over 150$

The Red Cal is offered free choice all the time and even costs less.

These alone are probably all you need. We do have a critical care product for cresty neck over weight horses. It is pricey but awesome. It is not needed long term however but it will hasten the cresty neck going away. Once gone stop. Of course the alternative is correct the feeding program and you will see results anyway and is ideal regardless.

Thanks for asking!

Dr Dan

Dr. Dan,  Thanks for your quick response.  I was not expecting anything quite to fast. 

Your program sounds great but do horses like the taste?

I bought some products from Silver Lining for the central nervous system and kidney but he will not eat them. 

They are powders and I mixed them with water.  Of course they suggested giving it orally.  But that does not go well with me.  If they won’t eat it that is a waste of money which I do not have.

 I am the soul source of income in the household at this time as my husband passed away a few months ago.  So I have to be very careful about what I spend but I want the best for my horse. 

I remember reading that crimped oats are good. 

Most people recommened whole oats. 

Won’t you waste more of the whole than the crimped?  What is your suggestion? 

The weight check oil is that to be used all the time or quit after losing the weight? 

Also your bug check. Would I need to start that at the same time or wait until next year since we are going into winter time?

Weight check oil all the time.

Crimped are only 6 percent more efficient digestability wise. BUT once crimped they start going rancid. So crimped are better IF fresh Crimped within a few weeks. Other wise whole is great. Bug Check can be given any time with or without others.

We very seldom at all have any issues with them liking all the supplements.

Thanks for asking!