Christi asks, "What Should I Give"

Dr. Dan, Thank you for answering my email.

What would you recommend for a 27 yr old POA pony. She is about 800 lbs. She’s been diagnosed with cushings and has a history of laminitis. I’m trying to keep weight on her and still keep her feet sound, but she has gotten a little sore footed, again. I feed her grass hay, and currently have her on crimped oats and supplements with a little equine sr.

Before I start her on natural horse supplements, should I give her a certain period of time off her other supplements or just switch from one to the other. also, can I top dress red cal on oats?

If I can’t, is red cal compatible with purina nature’s essentials horse feed?

Because, I have four other horses on that. If it’s not compatible, what would you recommend for the other horses.

They are quarter horses in generally good health.   

Thank you for helping!  


Oats are good. Forget the senior.  

To the oats add our Just Add Oats supplement and our Weight Check oil supplement. Offer our Red cal free choice all the time.

I would also add our Joint Check supplement to support the liver and immune system.

Our  Critical Care formulation could be used in more difficult (painful) situations. Generally however it is not needed long term if the above supplements are used. See the ask dr dan site and search for cushings as well as the site on what to feed your horse (