Carmine asks Rain Rot question

Hey Dr. Dan

I have a question my cousins horse has some rain rot on him i was wondering if you could give us some tips on how to help clear this problem up we have given him bathes with this special horse wash for rain rot and a spray.

The horse does have shelter. but i was hoping that there was something that would speed up this process cause we feel bad.

thanks hope to hear from u soon

Hello Carmine…

It really doesn’t matter what you put ON the skin the real area that needs addressing is the immune system.  The fungus is everywhere anyway. The only thing that allows the fungus to set up house keeping is a compromised immune system.  Also the body is trying to "discharge" through the skin with rain rot. In fact in my opinion this is always part of such skin problems.  I would highly suggest getting the horse off commercial feeds which are full of junk.

Do listen to the audio on what to feed your horse our websites ( Also the less other "junk" you can put in, the better! (Vaccines, chemicals, dewormers etc.)

You also need to help get rid of the "junk" already present. Our  Health Check supplement will greatly help this. The Aller Check will help support the immune system. Topically I would put the Grape Balm ointment on the skin lesions.

You should have a new horse soon. No more iodine or fungal stuff topically. Most of these only make these worse.


Thanks for asking!