I got my mare this spring. She turned 13 in July. When I bought her, the owner wormed her before I picked her up with a very strong wormer. I have since used Worm Check on her. I have now had

two fecal tests done, and both have tested positive for a low amount of strongyles. What could be the cause of this? My friend/barn mate who uses chemical wormers had a fecal done and it showed no worms. I

know I will get flack for using a non chemical wormer since my horse is the one with worms!

So I would like to have an answer ready for them! Please help!



Horses are like people. All are different with different immune systems etc. Using chemicals in my opinion are like shooting their immune system even more thus requiring more and more and stronger and stronger products. Even resistant species develop. For instance nothing even works for goats from such over use of chemicals.

Most parasitoligists even think a low count on parasites is required and good since it helps actually build the immunity. I would go to www.wormcheck.com. There may be more info there that will help. There is an article called "oh crap" that I wrote for wellness magazine too. You’ll find it there as well.

Thanks For Asking!