tying up + heat cycles

I googled above title and read your article regarding it. Am I to understand that I need to up her magnesium levels to aid this? She has tied up 4 times in all and every time being in heat.

I have her on Total Equine a total fiber extruded feed which is very low starch and low carbohydrates the best I could find in my area and a fat supplement pellet-MaxiGlo. I also am feeding her Tie Free    ( which she tied up on this last time ), newly added MegaSel and DMG. She is getting and has been for a year now Electrolytes,Healthy Coat Oil and Oxygen. The Electrolyte she was on was Acculytes and recently found out it had sugar in it, (dumb me) have changed to Finish Line Electrolytes with no sugar or fillers.

She gets Liquid Natural Vit. E. Silver Lining Thyroid Support.  I feel that this tying up is hormonal because of the fact that she ties up in heat but also she is in very good shape.

This is so very frustrating. We had blood work done and she was a little high in the Progesterone level 14 and a little low in Testosterone.

Would the Magnesium help her in this? She is a really nice barrel mare, very easy keeper and not high strung until we get to the alley way. And she is then beginning to not want to go in the arena. She is so nice I just hate this pain she goes through. Any ideas?



I would highly suggest our Hi Mag version of Red Cal and our Weight Check oil.

Commercial feeds in my opinion are at the cause.  They are full of hydrogenated fats and other junk.

Please. Be sure to read the article on fats as well as visit the site WhatToFeedYourHorse.com

There is an audio about feeding on that page. In my opinion a horse should never tie up. Honestly you won’t need the supplements you are feeding with the above suggestions.

Thanks For Asking!