questions from Vicki…

Thank you.  I spent hours on the website before sending the email yesterday, and looked through the info you suggested today.  I found out about the oil processing right away, don’t know how I missed it.
Is the only difference between the H2O and the Weight check the non GMO, or are there other ingredients?   Maybe you can answer that.
Also, in one of the articles Dr. Dan said magnesium oxide is best.  I thought magnesium citrate was, so maybe he could explain that, too.
Is Red Cal predominantly salt with a small amount of minerals?  I wouldn’t need another source of salt?
Does Dr. Dan have any articles regarding free choice feeding of minerals separately, nothing added just minerals?
Can horses get too much or not enough of something if you rely on the Just Add Oats and don’t free choice?
How do you feel about checking for toxicities or deficiencies, by hair or mane?
If any of these are covered on the web site, please point me in the right direction.  I’ve spent hours on your site 2 days in a row, so hopefully haven’t missed any.  I’m trying to be thorough, I have to question everything after being given bad advice and setting my mare back twice, winding up with 25 degree rotation.  It started several years ago while not in my care and was not caused by grass.  She’s been on holistic program for 8 weeks.
Again, If there is anything I can read that answer these please let me know, then I can bother Dr. Dan with specifics about my horses.  Thank you.



Unlike other minerals the Oxide type for magnesium delivers more. Citrate hardly delivers at all percentage wise. H2oil does have coconut but we have still received better results from our Weight Check Oil.

Hair analysis is useless. I have done hundreds and you fix one issue with custom mixes only to create another.

Red Cal
is Mother Natures formula to balance what may even be missing. You should not feed other free choice salt though it is so much more than salt. The Just add oats and Weight check are what man knows they need t balance oats. The red Cal provides again Mother Natures and possibly even nutrients yet to be discovered.

The library section, perfect pastures article, salt and minerals (page 26 of the magazine) will hopefully provide more info too.

The single most healthy thing to offer is Red Cal free choice (note info on potassium in the above articles)