Low carb feed for foundered mare?

My mare, who is now 12 years old, foundered about 3 years ago and has slight coffin bone rotation in her front feet.  

We are transitioning her to pasture and don’t give her grain, BUT, we have to give her powder each day to
address her low thyroid problem.  She is also insullin resistant.

Would it be best to give it in a cup of oats or can you recommend another low carb type of feed?




The key is to get them off all commercial feed.

Such are full of hydrogenated fats and more. These are killing us and our horses. Oats are king BUT they must be supplemented.

To do so our Just Add oats supplement and Weight check oil make them complete. Free choice red cal too. The joint check supplement is a great source of antioxidants plus the joint ingredients can help support the ligaments, tendons,m muscles etc. This is important with the past rotation. If there is chronic pain chances.

Are it will also help. If severe pain then the critical care founder laminitis formula (very expensive but tremendous formula that I just couldn’t make more any less – sorry!)

If the horse is  overweight and cresty necked then the  hi mag version of red Cal.  the critical care hypothyroid formula use has in all cases so far allowed them to wean off the hypothyroid med using a more natural approach. The key is that it regulates the sugar and provides nutrients for the thyroid to function rather than shut it down with an artificial thyroid med. It has worked great. Yet it is pricey but their is nothing like it anywhere and it really gets results. Fortunately usually only a tub or two is needed.

The audio at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com will be helpful as well.