Jean w/ questions about 23 yr-old gelding…


Dear Dr. Dan,

You just asked if you could follow me on Twitter–that’s how I found your AWESOME site!  

I am very impressed with –and I just love– your philosophy on caring for and treating animals.

I am very concerned about my 23-yr-old Quarter/Thouroughbred gelding.  Don’t let his age fool you.  He looks and–until late–acts–like a five-year-old.  Our vet, who practices both Western/Eastern medicine, diagnosed him with a neurological disorder, quite possibly EPM. I did not take him to Ohio State Univ. Vet School for all of the testing; but she did a very thourough on-site exam.  She recommended: Karbo Pellets and Epic II CL as an alternative to the Western drugs.

I understand there is a higher percentage of improvement with this treatment than with the standard treatment.   I would appreciate your feedback and any recommendations you might have as well. Any resources you could suggest about EPM and alternative treatments would be helpful, too.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kindest regards, Jean C. and "Joker" 🙂 Delaware, Ohio

Thanks so much.

I see lots of EPM.

Honestly I have not heard of the treatments you have mentioned so couldn’t comment. One thing I have discovered is that these "super bugs" like EPM ones get trapped in fat cells. Spinal cord brain etc are all fat. The hydrogenated fats in commercial feeds for horses and for people are killing horses pets and people (see the article on fats in the magazine)

I try to flood all EPM and other neurological problems with good fats to displace these bad fats. (See the product of ours called Weight Check) also since every nerve and cell in the body is surrounded by fat… Fatty acids are critical.

Of course I also get them off commercial feeds (see the article on feeding below) so u are not putting more "junk" back in, including bad fats.  Just Add oats supplement and Red cal (the latter free choice all the time and the just add oats supplement added directly to oats along with the weight Check oil)

Of course ultimately it is important to help the body detox by supporting the liver and supporting the immune system. For these functions I would suggest our Health Check and our Aller Check respectively.

I have seen tremendous results following the above protocol. Please keep me advised.

You can also search the ask dr dan site  for EPM. (

Thanks for asking!