? about my horse with fungus on his back…

Dr Dan,

I have a 24 year old horse who gets fungus on his back,and I cant get rid of it.  I have tried everything.

The vet just told me to use fungus shampoo and it is not working. Any suggestions?


Never ever “fungus” shampoo for sure…
They realy only make matters worse. Please look over the first article in the magazine, as well as, see and listen to the audio on the what to feed your horse website.
In my opinion fungi are NOT the problem even if present. The immune system not functioning well is. AND often the body is just trying to get rid of “something” drugs, chemicals. etc. the key is helping the body. topicals don’t help, only interfere (though our Grape balm is all natural and chemical and hasn’t appeared to hinder only help over the last thousand or so cases discussed and seen)
I suggest a different feeding approach  (see the website below) and support for the immune system (Aller Check) and discharge (Health Check)  topically our Grape Balm though the key is helping the inside so that outside of the body gets better.
Thanks for asking Heather