"Just Add Oats" for older horse?

Dr. Dan, i was just wondering if it would be okay to feed the Just Add Oats and literally just oats for a 26 year old OTTB?

He is currently eating a lot of processed senior feed and i want him to have something better. I was just wondering if you would advise this.

My farrier said that just feeding oats would be too high in starch.

Thank you! Havalyn

Oats are GREAT for any horse.

They do need the Just add Oats and the Weight check supplements to make them complete. Starch is Not an issue.

Please tell your farrier too, that oats are the only grain digested in the hind gut which is great. I also suggest Red Cal free choice all they can eat.

Please see the article on feeding oats in the magazine and the article on salt and minerals. The website what to feed your horse will explain more and even has an audio to listen to or download on the subject.

Thanks For Asking!