My poodle… psuedomyotonia?

My apricot miniature female poodle of 12 years has been diagnosed with psuedomyotonia, and cushings disease.  Any thoughts on treatment you might recommend.

Essentially, Pseudomyotonia is a rare myopathy (muscle disease) that occurs in Cushing’s disease is characterized by persistent muscle contraction after a voluntary effort ends. it could be genetic but personally I suspect not. I suspect it is more environmental since it is occurs with hyper adrenal glands (cushings). Hypothyroidism is generally first noticed too.

Any time the thyroid is involved I seriously consider environmental involvement. Specifically diet (potential source of hydrogenated fats, sugars etc) , vaccines (potential source of heavy metals), etc.

Therefore,  I would personally quickly turn to natural diets (I like Innova brand all-Natural) and I would only vaccinate if required by law.

For support I would consider our Omega Coat check to flush the bad fats out of the system and to provide a great source of fatty acids. I would also consider our Joint Check for pets (see the magazine for ingredients. there is really nothing like it) I suggest this for several reason, first often joints become weakened with the syndrome and ligaments may break. JC may help provide support there plus muscle, ligaments, tissue in general can all benefit from the glucosamine and other ingredients. For the neurological support again the Omega Coat Check (nerves are mostly fat and we need to flush the potential bad fats out) and Also consider a human product of ours called REDOXX. One capsule a day could provide some great liver support, always needed in any situation.