White Line Disease?

Dr Dan:

Late last year my 20 yr. old Thoroughbred started showing signs of stretching of the water line in his feet and now he has separation of the hoof wall all the way around in all four feet.  It has now started in my 8 yr. old Quarter Horse who has always had great feet (stretching started in the Spring and separation is now beginning).  The TB developed a fever (103.5 off and on for 4-5 days) in mid May.  Initially we treated for colic; but when the fever persisted we treated with antibiotics.  Blood work showed high levels of liver enzymes (AST = 416, GTT = 37, B..Rubin = 7.1, also, anemia  = 28.8, white blood normal, lymphosite = low, & vibremigut (sp?) = low normal).  My local vet’s diagnosis was “fever of unknown origin.”  When the antibiotics took care of the fever and TB appeared normal we did not persue further.  Next option would have been a 3 hour trip to U. FL. Vet School.  I have been feeding steamed crimped oats for several years because the TB seemed to pass most of the whole oats.  In January of this year I began feeding Just Add Oats 2X, H2Oil, and Red Cal(although they do not seem to be interested in the Red Cal much anymore).  Both horses have 24 hr. turnout with shelter access.  I also feed 1-2 flakes of perenial peanut hay per horse twice a day.  I have been treating their feet topically with Life Data Lab’s hoof disenfectant.  Daily for the first two weeks and every 2-3 days for the last week.  I have read some of the Q & A’s on your site and plan to order the Grape Balm Hoof Healer (I’m almost out of the disenfectant), and the Hoof Check supplement.

Do I also need Health or Joint Check (the TB is already getting GLC 5500 and MSM for arthritis)?  I would order the Weight Check; but I have just received 5 gal. of the H2Oil.

Also, should I do another blood panel and the TB and one on the QH?  Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Cheryl


Sounds rather bad indeed. U are on the right track with the grape balm hoof healer instead of the topical chemical now using and the hoof check will help the hoof grow faster. You wouldn’t need the joint product or msm with the joint check (although this has no msm it does have better sources of sulfur plus a lot more nutrients).

I suspect this is just really going to take some time for sure. Time for the hoofs to grow entirely back out.

I would really find something other than peanut hay. Was to much potential for junk in it and we want to help the body get rid of all such and not put more back in.  Bottom line is we want to help the body to discharge whatever and grow the hoof back asap. Keep up the free choice red cal but I would also put a tablespoon daily onto the feed.

Hope this all helps. Hang in there sounds like it will be a long road but I have seen it before. It just takes time!! There is an audio in the library section as well on thrush and white line.