Clover and Digging?

Hi Dr. Dan,
I have 4  Rocky mares and I’ve met you before but you don’t know me.

I have been using your products for years, but I’m having 2 problems this summer.  1) My pastures grew a lot of white clover this spring.  Since then, if the horses are on the pasture long they drool and spew water.  I tried taking them off, feeding hay,(they would stop drooling)  then back on pasture.  My vet said they would probably build up immunity if left on, but so far they still drool heavily.  2) Today I noticed them digging up the grass in the pasture. There is plenty of grass to eat, but they are digging to the dirt, as if searching for something underneath.  I feed 1 scoop of Red Cal daily, along with 1 scoop of your H2oil, fed with about 4 oz. of plain oats.  They are easy keepers and don’t need extra calories. This summer I have also given them 2 oz. of Apple Cider vinegar. I have white salt licks available as “pacifiers”.  I know you say to feed RedCal free choice, but if my girls are bored they will eat just for something to do I do believe!

I can’t afford to buy more Red Cal than they need.  I could go to 2 scoops a day if you think that is the problem.  They range in weight from about 850-950lbs, ages 6-14.  Thanks!  Pat H.

Thanks for asking!

As for the clover, honestly there is not much you can do. The good thing is that I have never seen a problem other than the drooling itself.

As for the digging, probably an easy fix. THROW away the blocks.  DO offer the Red Cal free choice. Never letting them be without will prevent many issues. They will not eat it unless they need it. If they do they are missing something. .

Also add the Just add Oats.  See the website below called what to feed your horse. I am not fond of apple cider.  Just my opinion that it could effect gut pH.

The Red cal “free choice” is the single most healthy thing you can do. Thanks again for asking!